Getting Around  Kurashiki


Buses depart from JR Kurashiki, Kojima, and Shin-Kurashiki Stations, providing service to all parts of the city. Station names and instructions are in Japanese, so taking buses may be a challenge. Riders should board through the rear door and take a ticket, on which a number is printed automatically. When you want to get off, press one of the buttons found throughout the bus to inform the driver. Fares are displayed at the front of the bus, so look for the number matching the one on your ticket and pay the corresponding fare by inserting it into the fare collection box next to the driver, then get exit through the front door. If you don't have exact change, you can use the change machine near the fare collection box, but be aware that only ¥1,000 bills can be changed.


There are taxi stands outside each station, and taxis can be hailed from the roadside. The basic fare is ¥400 to ¥600 for the first kilometer, although fares may vary. Taxi “tours” covering major sightseeing spots are available, beginning at Kurashiki, Kojima and Shin-Kurashiki stations. The route is pre-determined, and drivers speak only Japanese and do not provide sightseeing information. However, if you plan to get around by taxi, this plan is more cost-effective than taking a separate taxi each time.

Tourist Information Offices

information offices

There are two tourist information offices in and around the Bikan Historical Area: one is on the second floor of the building west of JR Kurashiki Station (connected directly to the station), and the other is inside the Kurashikikan building in the center of the canal-side district. The English-speaking staff are eager to assist you, and wheelchairs are available. Please feel free to ask for anything you may need.


Kurashiki Ekimae Tourist Information Office

Dec 29-Dec 31
TEL. 086-424-1220 (+81-86-424-1220)
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